After getting a wild and crazy idea to plan a wedding in 8 weeks - I faced many challenges to pull off what is the biggest day of a girl's life. I was freaking out, but not after I met with Ruthie and Faythe. The moment we sat down at our first dinner meeting I felt instant relief. They immediately took control, but in no way were they overbearing. I remember Ruthie asking me, "What do you want people to say when they leave your wedding." That was the perfect question and one that I hadn't thought of. I then painted a picture of what I would like my guests to gain from our wedding and from that moment they worked to help make it reality. Now that the wedding is said and done, I can honestly say that it turned out more perfect than I ever could have imagined. I give credit to Ruthie and Faythe for making our night all that it was. They were extremely organized (which I needed more help in that area than you know) and they kept me right on my time line to ensure I kept on schedule. Those two girls get straight down to business, but they are so fun at the same time. I truly enjoyed my time with them, as did my husband and we all know how uninvolved men like to be when it comes to "wedding planning." Having the opportunity to work with Ruthie and Faythe was a true blessing and sharing the whole experience with such wonderful people such as them is a key ingredient to having a successful wedding

- Amy from the Bobby Bones Show

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